They call me LrGon. I am the chronicler of the Histories of Earth and narrator of Robot Dawn. I flourish some five billion of your years in the future at the time of Earth’s demise. My daughter, NyLoh, sometimes assists me in my literary duties. She refuses to allow me to call her my assistant because she is by profession a diplomat who negotiates treaties for land use on our planet.

Although I generally remain in the background, my voice can be heard most clearly when pontificating on the state of the Solar System in 2070 or when explaining how things came to be the way they were or will be.

I have lived 36,284 years, somewhat more than most of my kind. I am human in form and have “superpowers,” although they are of the paranormal variety, for the most part. I once had the ability to travel through time a little but have lost that gift with age. I can still, however, psychically communicate through time transcendence. I am a starbot, or at least a derivative of them.

From the Author:

I am David Sheppard, the author of Robot Dawn: The Mazzy Nova Chronicles. My narrator, LrGon, introduced himself above. Since he lives some billions of years in the future, we have to communicate through a special technique I invented called the Imaginarium. To understand this device’s function you should read my book Story Alchemy, where I describe not only how to enter it through the Iris of Time but also its function and how I invented such a marvelous mechanism.

The Imaginarium’s basic configuration is one of the Platonic solids, an icosahedron circumscribed by a sphere. It is rather large, enough so that a human can psychically enter it through one of its pentagons. That pentagon I have termed the Iris of Time. When its key is inserted into its lock and turned, the iris of the pentagon opens like the shutter of an old camera. I can then enter the Imaginarium, and this is where I meet up with LrGon. We then chat for a while about the story we are telling.

Frequently, the nine Muses and their mother Mnemosyne, memory goddess of Greek mythology fame, visit the Imaginarium.