NyLoh 22 Feb 2019

I see the lady in white on the balcony go to a cupboard, pull out a drawer and put something inside. She then reenters the home through a sliding glass door. I go to the balcony, pull open the drawer, see a key and take it. I also enter the house, walk through the living room, through an archway and into a small dark room with a giant mechanism built into the far wall like a bank vault. Before it stands a young woman, the Guardian of the Gate. I hand the key to her and she inserts it into the mechanism and turns it. Gradually the mechanism takes on a new form. Circling it is a fiery dragon. Inside is a pentagon shaped iris that slowly opens to expose a wondrous landscape on a foreign world. I recognize the mechanism as the Iris of Time. I turn the dragon to match the point in my plot pentagon where I am currently writing, and then I enter the Iris, walk along a bridge to the center of the Imaginarium where I see Mnemosyne, mother of the Muses. She turns to face me, smiles and disappears into the framework of the dodecahedron. Before me stands NyLoh, her eyes again filled with tears.

“Thank you for coming,” I say. “I realize how difficult this is for you. I’m surprised you came.”

“How could I possibly miss it? I love Misaki’s and Ikasim’s story, although it is hard in the telling. Let us begin.”

She sits on the sofa and I take the chair across from the coffee table.

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NyLoh Defies LrGon

February 10, 2019

I see the lady in white on the balcony. She looks up at me then turns and walks to a cupboard, pulls open a drawer and puts something side. She then reenters the house through a sliding glass door. I go to the cupboard, pull open the drawer and see a key. I take the key and enter the house also. I walk through a deserted living room, through an arch and enter a dark room. On the far wall is a giant mechanism the size of a bank vault. before it stands another woman who I understand to be the guardian of the gate. I hand her the key, and she inserts it into a small lock at the side of the iris of time, turns it and the iris slowly opens. I enter the iris, and see LrGon standing before me looking disgruntled.

“I see that you’ve been consulting with Nyloh without me,” he says.

“Yes,” I say. “She was upset about what Misaki and Ikasim had done and wanted to get the telling of it over with.”

“I can’t stop you two, if that’s the way it’s going to be, but I do object.” He turns away from me and sits down on a multi-colored sofa and motions for me to take the easy chair opposite the coffee table.’

I take the chair which is soft and comfortable, and I feel at home in it.

“Oh, it really isn’t so objectionable,” he says. “We all have to get along in this storytelling business, and I’ll just have to put up with it. I’ve spoken to her about it and she was most disagreeable. I realize she does have an edge on my telling of it in some instances. Should we get on with it?”

“Proceed,” I say.

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